This post is a tribute to Nipsey Hussle. Now I’ve never been a “real fan” of his music, but listening to some of his tracks, he definitely was motivated to shift the culture to a more positive, clearer direction. He invested in his community, initiated STEM programs. Nipsey came from that same EXACT hood and wanted to buy out the block! He invested in his community and what did he get in return? Hatred, jealousy and it cost him his life all it took was one rotten tomato out the bunch. The tragedy that took place which led to his death is appalling and disgusting, but it’s also the reality of the culture. We are killing EACH OTHER all because of SELF-HATRED, EGO and FAKE PRIDE.

We have to end this IMMEDIATELY! We have to raise our children with LOVE! It supersedes all. We have to raise our children on logic, knowledge, self-love, and temperament. We have to stop thinking WE ARE OWED RESPECT when we are not living up to that standard! We have to start respecting ourselves FIRST and our community SECOND.

This death particularly hit my soul cause Nipsey could’ve been my child’s father, my son, my childhood friend, shii even my coworker! It could’ve been ANYONE! Celebrity or Civilian, no one, NO ONE deserves to go out like that. A beautiful, soulful man WITH A PURPOSE taken, just like that, because of someone’s lack of composure, lack of emotional regulation, lack of knowledge! All because of pride & ego.

This has to end, change has to start TODAY. Not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year. THIS VERY SECOND.

#shifttheculture #itstartswithyou