This post is in remembrance of my young friend Aysia Lynn Chambers. May her soul rest in the sweetest peace. I was friends with Aysia since 6th grade and she was always so vibrant, loving, caring; she was always there for you when you needed her. She was a true blessing on earth and was a great woman and a friend. Aysia passed away suddenly on June 2, 2017, her passing till this day is something I have a hard time grasping.

Sudden death of a loved one can trigger traumatic symptoms linked with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. When you experience grief, you go through a range of emotions which includes denial, disbelief, confusion, shock, sadness, anger and guilt and you may even “stay stuck” in one of these emotions. These feelings are normal and common. It takes time to fully grasp the impact of your lost loved one. It is very important to allow yourself to express your mourning. If you are feeling down, find relatives and friends who can understand your feelings of the loss, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! Be sure to eat well and stay hydrated and get plenty of rest. Try not to dwell in the past, be mindful of the coping mechanisms you’ve developed during this difficult time, sometimes people cope with grieving by drinking alcohol or taking medication or drugs, this can cause you to develop a dependency to these chemicals.

It may seem helpful at first to separate yourself from the pain but avoiding those emotions will just result in numbing and not accepting the reality. When grief isn’t handled in a healthy matter, it can lead to depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fatigue & even thoughts of suicide and untimely impedes on your everyday living and well-being.  If this happens please seek professional help, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of life and your loss loved one would hate to see you in such anguish.

Coping with death is a very difficult process, it can take months or even years until you fully accept the loss. I would like to remind you that everyone heals on their own time, patience is key. To those of you experiencing grief, grasp on to the memories of your loved one. Think back of all the love and moments you shared with this person, the things you’ve learned, hold on to that and continue to live life on that accordance. For those of you who knows someone who is grieving, hold them a little tighter, a little longer, appreciate them a tiny bit more & the time you spend with them; the moments you share and cherish it.

And for everyone, appreciate every breath you take, every step you make, every day you wake up, every minute you spend with family and friends. LOVE unconditionally and wholeheartedly. Appreciate your being & find your purpose while living on this planet we call earth. Cause life is too short to do anything other -wise.

# ForeverAysiaLynn