I will not lie, my initial response to this topic was bias. I went on a tangent on how immoral casual sex was, but part of my academic studies is to learn how to remain subjective and non-judgmental. So I pushed my limit here *cringe*.

I define casual sex as having a sexual encounter with a complete stranger within 24-48 hours. To some, casual sex can be morally wrong; while with others, they can consider it normal and harmless. Health professionals have expressed concerns that casual sex can lead to depression, anxiety and/or low self-esteem. Studies show it is not the act of sex that leads to these emotions, but the motivation behind it. There are “right” and “wrong” motivation, right motivation is intended to give you long-lasting pleasure and usually you have a deep desire to explore your sexuality or you truly believe this sexual act is an important experience to have.  These choices are self-directive and reflective of your own core values. Wrong motivation can give you instant pleasure but can lead to pain later on. This can also be you wanting to feel better about yourself & using sex to fill that void or wanting to receive a favor, reward, or seek revenge. Individuals who hooked up for the wrong reasons show lower self- esteem, higher levels of depression and anxiety compared to those who hook up for the right reason.

 It is important to evaluate your purpose when sexually involving yourself with someone. Throughout my years of being sexually active, I’ve learned the importance of sexual energy transfer (this is less about mental health and more about spirituality). The idea of sexual energy transfer is that you as an individual transfer your thoughts, feelings, impressions, and desires during sexual intercourse and theirs unto yours. When two people understand the power of this energy, both identities merge and it creates an energetic unity. Theoretically, sexual energy is one of the most powerful forms of energy known to mankind.

 To sum it all up, sex is not good or bad, it’s a form of pleasure. Some can view it as recreational others may believe it involves a deeper connection. However, you may view it, it is important to understand the motive and significance, driving you to engage in intercourse, to increase mental health.