Let’s face it social media has been a huge turning point for the 21st century.

With a platform filled with perfect bodies, gym enthusiast, vegan eaters, and travel bloggers; I must admit it's hard to not feel you’re not living to your full potential, including myself! We all have our insecurities some of us can admit to it or just keep it to ourselves. Studies have shown that one way or another we compare ourselves to others on social media. We always want a better body, that perfect relationship, Rome next year! By doing this we place our happiness on a pedestal by comparing it to a complete stranger. This increases depression and self-doubt and has also shown makes some feel lonely, ultimately affecting well-being.

Instagram is meant to tell a story, it can be any story you like and that’s what makes it so interesting. I won’t sit here and preach to the choir because I have fallen victim to this self-doubt. About five years ago I had an ADDICTION. There came a point where I would spend hours on Instagram looking at gym enthusiast for exercise routines I knew I WOULD NEVER DO. Aimlessly scrolling on IG looking at all these beautiful models wondering how can I get my “stomach on flat, flat & a** on what’s that” & OMG her skin and hair is FLAWLESS what products does she use. I judged people off of the content on their page, if they were traveling, eating and fit they were living their best life & I wanted to be the same! I was going to the gym religiously so I can look good, dining finely and doing my best to portray a “lit lifestyle” but yet the sense of void was still there, not only that but I was attracting the wrong people. I was so confused, I wanted to go out party and have fun but then I also wanted a relationship, a marriage. This caused huge conflict in my mind, and it affected me, I had to get a grip and dig deep into myself and my insecurities. I realized I was doing things for all the wrong reasons. I shouldn’t be going to the gym to just look good physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I shouldn’t compare myself to other females on Instagram because we are all one of a kind & we all bring something different to the table. We are all unique in our own way and that’s what make’s one’s identity so important, and most importantly I shouldn’t be operating on anyone else’s timing. I realized I was trying to avoid the feelings of abandonment from my childhood. I reached out to my parents and poured my heart & soul to them and they apologized and explained their upbringings, their own trauma’s and our bond has been inseparable since then.

It’s important to understand your own identity and divine timing. The universe works so beautifully, anything that is meant for you will be for you at the right time! You were placed in this world to serve your own soulful purpose, not to impress those on social media & definitely not to outlive anyone else’s dream! Be true to yourself and the world will be true to you. This mindset truly helped me find my purpose and along the way I’ve met some beautiful souls, who live their dreams and lives based on passion, not clout. When I say I finally reached a point in my life where I am internally happy! I’m living my life, on my own terms and there’s no better feeling!

 I end it by saying this, there’s always a reason why we do the things we do. Whether it’s negative or positive, deep down inside consciously or unconsciously there’s a root cause for any decision we make, for me, it was a feeling of not being worthy enough and trying to fill that void, what is your reason?