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My interest in the Mental Health sector stems from my life experiences retracting back to the year 2006. At this age, I had given birth to a beautiful baby boy at the age of thirteen. A young teen mom who at the time has experienced a tremendous amount of trauma; I eventually was removed from my parent’s home and placed into the Foster care system. While everyone expresses their feelings in multiple ways, my emotions and behavior came from a place of abandonment and brokenness. For years I expressed these feelings through anger, aggression, risky sexual behavior, low self-esteem, the list can go on & on.

After a while I came to the realization if I did not want to continue to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally; I must first understand that every life experience is a learning lesson. Self-awareness is key. How you interpret your struggle is how you mold your life. I promised myself to develop the skill to address issues head-on by capturing the root of the problem. Problem Solving! That was the answer to moving forward and developing healthy relationships along the way. Later on in the year 2014, I received my B.S in Criminal Justice & currently completing my M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Throughout the years I would like to believe through my academics and life experiences that I’ve learned the concepts of addressing needs, communicating and effectively finding solutions for difficult situations, but I am also human, we are all human and we make mistakes. We lose our cool, we get caught in the moment, we find ourselves riddled with worry or anxiety. It’s okay, that just shows us just how human we are. I intend on utilizing this website to educate those around me on the importance of mental health awareness.

I’m still learning myself, so let’s take this journey together!