Your mind, body & soul.

Mental health is derived by so many factors you wouldn’t believe it! Ranging from internal factors such as genetics, self-esteem and your thought process to external factors such as your family of origin, community, socio-economic standing and so forth.

Think about it like this, your brain is like one big plant if you feed it with water it will grow, if you feed it with soda it may survive for some time but eventually the health of the plant will decline. The same applies to the mind the more you feed it with positive, productive activities and purpose the more it will grow. Of course the word positive and productive can be subjective and each individual has their own idea on what positive and productive is.

This site is made for just that! Understanding one another’s thoughts and ideas is also a very important part of mental health.

I will be discussing topics ranging from poverty, cultural views, the media, art, music, religion and so on and so forth, I know you’re probably asking, “what does that have to do with mental health” and my response is “A lot my friend”. Not only will I share my thoughts and opinions based on research & my own personal and academic experience but I also want you, the viewers to be a part of this community. Each blog will have a comment, share and like button feel free to express your ideas, thoughts, research, experiences etc.